Time Lord Victorious – UNIT Field Log 14683 – Reviewed!


Image Credit: BBC Studios/Immersive Everywhere (Fair Use)

Image Description: A promo image for Time Fracture

By John Salway

Name: 14683 UNIT Field Log

Type: Trailer

Price: Free

Current TLV investment: £325.40

It’s time for another look at a trailer for upcoming immersive theatre experience Time Fracture, and today things go from bad to worse for the UNIT team who are monitoring the time fracture, as another day dawns, and the anomaly continues to grow…

This third trailer in the ongoing “Field Log” series cleverly integrates footage from another, non-story based trailer into the ongoing narrative. Abstract footage of a Cyberman near St Paul’s Cathedral and a Dalek rising from the Thames, which at first seemed only glossy references to classic Doctor Who episodes, are now revealed to be a consequence of the widening time fracture. In a clever in-joke to how those old episodes were filmed, our friend Dr Courtney points out that as these incursions occurred early in the morning, they were easily concealed from the public! Well, let’s hope they’re un-concealed by the time opening night comes around, because I want to see these monsters in the flesh (er, metal)!

Another shoe has arrived through the fracture as well, this time belonging to the Eleventh Doctor – does this mean both he and the Tenth Doctor be playing meaningful roles in the live show? Will we find the missing halves of these footwear pairs? It’s difficult not to watch these trailers and wonder how much of what we’re seeing is representative of show content or just its own little thing. There’s still so little we know about how the event will actually work!

Saying that, this instalment does provide some hints in that direction, as the time fracture has grown wide enough for a UNIT sergeant to pass through. It seems likely guests will be following him, although that may prove dangerous, as all contact with the poor fellow is immediately lost as his safety line is whipped through the portal… Wish me and my fellow guests better luck when the Time Fracture starts admitting guests!


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