Tides 24

Tides of Time, issue 24, was published in June 1999. It was cover dated Trinity Term 1999. It was edited by Alastair Harrison. The cover price was £1.25.

This issue can be downloaded as a PDF.


  • Editorial by Alastair Harrison
  • “Oh my God, they killed <insert relevant name>!” “You bastards!” Twelve attributes vital for long-term survival in a Doctor Who story, by David Bickley
  • Lawful Wedded Wife. Jo and Cliff Jones fiction by Alice Dryden
  • Drop the Dead Nimon! If the Target books had been like New Adventures, by Fiona Moore
  • The Millennium Trap. Eighth Doctor fiction by Alan Whitten
  • Pass Notes: The Missing Adventures. ‘A look at what works and what doesn’t’ by Alastair Harrison and David Bickley
  • Nameless. All the Doctors in one life. Fiction by David Bickley
  • Living Together. Blake’s 7 and Survivors compared by Alastair Harrison
  • Police-Boxy Blues. Arguments for a new shape for the TARDIS by John Wilson
  • Legoland. Steed and Mrs Peel Avengers fiction by Alastair Harrison from an idea by Matthew Peacock
  • ‘This Place – They’ll Let Anyone In!’  Doctor Who references in Queer as Folk, by Fiona Moore
  • Work in Progress. Agonies of a fanzine contributor by David Bickley
  • The Return of Jo Grant. Editorial by Alastair Harrison

Format: A3 folded to A4, photocopied, 24pp

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