Tides 25

Tides of Time, issue 25, was cover dated Hilary Term 2000. It was edited by Matthew Peacock. Its cover price was £2.

Download issue 25 in PDF form here (25Mb)


  • Editorial by Matthew Peacock
  • “When it comes to death, quantity is always so much more satisfying than quality” – Fenric. A drinking game for Resurrection of the Daleks by David Morse
  • Open-ended Childhood. Growing up with Doctor Who by Mark Boyes
  • Jacob’s Ladder, parts one, two and three. Fifth Doctor fiction by Matthew Peacock
  • Tides of Time. The Making of a Legend. History of the magazine by Matthew Kilburn
  • What’s Wrong with Mould? The state of genre television by Alasdair Prett
  • Alien Bodies: The Truth. Lawrence Miles’s novel as allegory of the state of Doctor Who in the mid-1990s, by Fiona Moore
  • An End to Things. Metatextual fiction by David Bickley
  • Free Trade. Third Doctor, UNIT and the Master fiction by Derek Haywood
  • A View to a Kill? The absence of the zeitgeist from 1980s Doctor Who, by Fiona Moore
  • The Absolutely and Totally Definitive Guide to Oxford University Sci-Fi Clubs by Derek Haywood
  • The Gorvorok Attack! Eighth Doctor fiction by Alan Whitten
  • King Solomon’s TARDIS: An Anthropologist Writes by Fiona Moore
  • Ground Control to Major Tom. UNIT fiction by William Ramsden
  • The Seiko Kinetic Wearer’s Guide to the DocSoc
  • Poignancy: A Modest Proposal. A recurrent problem in professional Doctor Who fiction, by Fiona Moore
  • Scary Movies! Themes in The Blair Witch Project and The Sixth Sense, by Alastair Harrison

Format: A3 folded to A4, photocopied, 32pp

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