Tides 26

Tides of Time, issue 26, was published in June 2000. Its cover date was Trinity Term 2000. It was edited by Matthew Peacock. Its cover price was £2.

Download the issue as a PDF (large – 25Mb approx.)


  • Editorial by Matthew Peacock
  • DocSoc – The Interview Guide. How to use your fanhood at interview, or not, by David Bickley
  • This Blessed Plot. Alien invasions of England in the UNIT era, by Matthew Peacock
  • The Siege of Wallingford. Eighth Doctor fiction by Alan Whitten
  • Doctor Davros. Nuclear war and Genesis of the Daleks by Fiona Moore
  • Grief Encounters: A Bit of Poignancy. Buffy the Vampire Slayer fiction by John Wilson
  • The Man in the White Suit. Two versions of Randall and Hopkirk: Deceased compared by Sian Davies
  • A Tale of Monsters. Sixth Doctor fiction by David Bickley
  • The Spectre of Galaxy Four. BBC Radio Collection and Big Finish releases reviewed by Alastair Harrison
  • Here Comes the Future. The third Doctor encounters the bureaucracy of regeneration, by Emma Keevil
  • Continuity: A Modest Proposal. Self-referentiality in Doctor Who novels, by Fiona Moore
  • The Legend of the Doctor. Celebrating the seventh Doctor, by Darren King
  • Dwellers All in Time and Space. Christianity and Doctor Who, by Simon Danes
  • Apocalypse Soon. Joseph Conrad and J.G. Ballard, by Alastair Harrison
  • Model Citizen. Sixth Doctor and Peri fiction, by W.J. Ramsden
  • Barry. Comparisons between steam engines and Doctor Who, by Matthew Peacock

Format: A3 folded to A4, outer covers on white card, photocopied, 28pp

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