Time Lord Victorious – Comic Creator Pack #2 – Reviewed!


Image Credit: BBC (Fair Use)

Image Description: A Velosian and the Daleks

By John Salway

Name: Comic Creator: Time Lord Victorious #2

Type: In-app Purchase

Price: £0.99

Current TLV investment: £77.20

Well, I didn’t really expect to say this, but the second Time Lord Victorious pack for Doctor Who Comic Creator is a great improvement on the first – though perhaps that wasn’t difficult!

Character wise, this pack gives you access to three different Dalek variants: the Strategist, Drone and Time Commander, as well as two members of a new alien race called the Velosians – all with numerous poses. Perhaps we’ll be seeing this new species in the upcoming animation series Daleks!?

The included comic strip is much better than the first, telling an intriguing little tale as the Daleks arrive as heroes, ready to save the peaceful Velosians from the imminent arrival of the Kotturuh. It’s obviously still nowhere near the standards of a properly drawn comic book, but it’s got an actual plot, fun little moments of black humour, and lots of sneaky Daleks.

I ended my first Comic Creator review somewhat sarcastically awaiting the arrival of the second pack – this time I’m looking forward to the next release for real.


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