Time Lord Victorious – Comic Creator Pack #1 – Reviewed!


Image Credit: BBC (Fair Use)

Image Description: The Tenth Doctor and Brian the Ood in Comic Creator style

By John Salway

Name: Comic Creator: Time Lord Victorious #1

Type: In-app Purchase

Price: £0.99

Current TLV investment: £76.21

The Doctor Who Comic Creator is a free app that has been around for a few years now, but has had something of a boost in popularity in 2020 as its amusing and often bizarre products have been spread across social media.

It’s a very simple, yet endearing, tool that lets you create a comic book by choosing backgrounds, placing characters and their poses from a set list, and writing your own dialogue. The app also comes with the first episode of a multi-Doctor comic.

While the app in general is free, you start off with access to only a scant few characters, and have to pay separate microtransactions to obtain more, with each main pack also coming with an issue of the ongoing comic storyline.

In this first Time Lord Victorious pack you get access to two and a bit characters – the Tenth Doctor in full Gallifreyan robes, Brian the Ood, and a version of the Ninth Doctor that bizarrely only has one pose. Brian the Ood, to be frank, hardly looks any different to a regular Ood, so is hardly essential for those that already have one in their collection.

Your 99p will also net you access to the first issue of Tales From the Dark Times, and, well, a blockbuster it certainly ain’t. The short story sees the Tenth Doctor and Brian randomly walking around a desert planet. Here, the Doctor believes he is interacting with the last of an unknown species, while all Brian can see is the Doctor waving his hands around and doing his best impersonation of Maebh from In The Forest of the Night.

Yes, I’m afraid the story is absolute rubbish, but for only 99p I wasn’t expecting Chekhov, and we do get some minor character details for Brian, such as that he hates his own name, and views the Doctor as something of a friend – though that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t kill him.

If you need something to cheer you up, there are far worse things you could do than spending a pound to see the Tenth Doctor doing jazz hands and looking like a lunatic.

I’m, err, eagerly awaiting pack two…


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