The Tides of Time issues 45 and 46

Tides coverThe Tides of Time issues 45 and 46, Trinity 2020, were published together as one omnibus edition by The Oxford Doctor Who Society on 31 May 2020. It was edited by James Ashworth and Matthew Kilburn. The issue is 172 A5 colour pages, commemorating 30 years of The Tides of Time. It was initially published online only due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but is hoped that it will be published in print in due course. The PDF can be downloaded free of charge here Articles include: Series Twelve: Thirty Years of The Tides of Time:
  • The Ghost of Fandom Past, the Light of Fandom Future – Tides‘ original editor, Louise Dennis, examines how fandom has changed over the past three decades
  • Tideception – James Ashworth reviews ‘The Tides of Time’ – the DWM comic, that is!
  • Carried out on the Tides – Matthew Kilburn reveals some of the secrets from the Tides archive
  • Crash Course – James Ashworth reviews the Class novel Joyride
  • We’re all going on a Summer Holiday – Evan Jones reviews the re-animated debut of The Faceless Ones at the BFI
  • The First Man – James Ashworth reviews the Big Finish Audio Entanglement
  • Whose Doctors, Whose Who – Ian Bayley reviews Burk and Smith?’s latest, Who is the Doctor 2
The Writers of Who
  • The Good Sumaran – Harry Draper examines the work of Christopher Bailey in Snakedance, and its links to the present
  • Bits and pieces – Andrew O’Day looks at the use of the past during Eric Saward’s tenure as Script Editor
  • The Myth Maker – Matthew Kilburn discusses the work of the late Donald Tosh
  • Mind the Probe please… Top or Flop returns as Thomas Barker and Peter Lewin-Jones debate whether The Five Doctors is a good introduction to Classic Who
  • This Indestructible Man – Sam Sheppard looks at the connections between Captain Scarlet and Doctor Who
  • All the Gateways, or None – Matthew Kilburn discusses the importance of acceptance in fandom
  • Writer, Author, Composer, FX Guy – Ian Bayley recalls the visits of Rob Shearman, Mark Ayres, and Mike Tucker to the Society
Who That We Believe In
  • The Space Museum – Melissa Beattie on the ethics of museums
  • The Enemy of the World – Adam Kendrick on the once lost classic
  • The Dominators – Victoria Walker on the parallels with the Second World War
  • Liz Shaw – Katrin Thier on the radical nature of the Third Doctor’s first companion
  • The Invisible Enemy – Matthew Kilburn on the relatable worlds of Graham Williams
  • Humour in Who – Gary Meehan on the importance of humour to keep authority in check
  • Castrovalva – Evan Jones on the mathematics and philosophy of the Fifth Doctor’s debut
  • The Season Nineteen TARDIS Team – Adam Povey on the radical altruism of Five, Adric, Nyssa, and Tegan
  • Attack of the Cybermen – Jennie Rigg on the modernity of the Sixth Doctor’s struggle with the Cybermen
  • Remembrance of the Daleks – Sam Sheppard on the reflections of the Dalek’s swansong in the Classic era
  • The New Adventures – James Ashworth on why the Virgin range of books deserves your attention
  • The TV Movie – Rogan Clark on the importance of 1996 to the current series
  • The Unquiet Dead – Michael Goldsmith on the successes of Mark Gatiss’ historical
  • Minisodes – Matthew Kemp on the contributions of short Who to the overall show
  • The Rings of Akhaten – William Shaw on the origins of his Black Archive book
  • Hell Bent – Michael Goldsmith on actually liking Doctor Who
  • The Tsuranga Conundrum – Georgia Harper on the character work of the multi-faceted story
Poetry and Prose