The Tides of Time issue 47

The Tides of Time issue 47, Trinity 2021, was published by The Oxford Doctor Who Society in June 2021. It was edited by James Ashworth.

The issue consists of 104 A5 colour pages, with art contributions by Warren Lewis. 

Copies are available to order by getting in touch at or by clicking here

Articles include:

Revolution of the Daleks:

  • Viva la Revolution? – Thomas Barker looks at what WhoSoc thought of the New Year’s Special
  • The Revolution has been televised – Victoria Walker reviews the Thirteenth Doctor’s encounter with the Daleks
  • Leave means leave? – Ian Bayley looks at the themes of Revolution of the Daleks
  • Regression of the Daleks – A fragment of a review for a fragment of an episode

Lockdown Logs:

  • Contact has been made – Thomas Barker takes a look back at Doctor Who: Lockdown!
  • Silence in the libraries – Katrin Thier’s experience of preparing a Doctor Who manuscript during lockdown
  • The Ballad of the Second Chance Saloon – Georgia Harper on why the spirit of lockdown must live on in fan events following the pandemic
  • The 2020 Varsity Quiz – Challenge yourself to the sixth battle between the WhoSocs of Oxford and Cambridge
  • Thank You for the Music? – Sam Flower is exposed to ‘Doctor in Distress’ on its anniversary

Time Lord Victorious:

Panopticon Pursuits

  • Amazing Grace – James Ashworth on the life and times of Daphne Ashbrook
  • Doctor’s Orders – A brief history of Paul and the McGann clan by James Ashworth

Book Corner

  • Giving it a little push – Matthew Kilburn reviews Regeneration by D.G Saunders
  • ‘A bit too much of a good thing’ – Exploring the contribution of Gangsters to Doctor Who
  • All kinds of futures, all kinds of pasts – Looking back at Simon Guerrier’s The Time Travellers over a decade on


  • In memoriam – Jo Keefe remembered by her friend Alice Dryden
  • Putting the sci in sci-fi – James Ashworth interviews Simon Guerrier
  • Alison the beloved – Elizabeth A. Allen looks at what the Shalka team could have done for representation in Who
  • Trading it all away – Sam Flower’s view on Doctor Who: Worlds Apart
  • Gallifrey Five-0 – The Big Who Listen team return to review Zagreus

Poetry and Prose

  • Haikus for: SpyfallOrphan 55Nikola Tesla’s Night Of TerrorPraxeusCan You Hear Me?Revolution of the DaleksThe Archive of Islos; Shadow of a Doubt; and The Shadow in the Mirror by William Shaw
  • The Brother of Karn – Matthew Kilburn’s sequel continues the tale of Sister Peren

The PDF of the entire issue is now available here

The magazine was intended to be published on 17 April, but suffered printing delays. The original date still appears in the indicia.